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Pune city reports

Our New Volunteer Siddhesh managed to get admission for a boy - Abhijit - to school today morning. amazing news to start the day!
We met Abhijit, 14-15 yrs boy, near McD, off karve road. he was begging. he used to go to school but was thrown out 3 years back for some blunder he did or wrongly spotted for it. he was pretty willing to start school again. the guy himself called me umpteen number of times to check if I am making any progress for his school admission or not! we met his family 2 days back - he has a younger brother, Ajay, who is in 4th std. lives with mother, and grand parents from mother's side. his dad has another wife, and is drinks addict. entire family was very much willing to send him to school but did not know how. they were pretty excited to see that we are facilitating his admission.
Siddhesh got done his admission so smoothly that it appeared like walk in a park! the actual work would start now to keep a tap on Abhijit's commitment and making sure that he does continue the studies after a gap of 3 years!
Good work Siddhesh - keep up the action to make sure it becomes the success.

Rohit Bhosale
Volunteer, Pune