Dream India Annual Report 2016-17

Dear Friends, Dream India Annual Report for the year 2016-2017 is ready and is available at http://www.dreamindia2020.org/DreamIndia_Annual_Report_2016_2017.pdf Our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all our Friends, Donors, Auditors, Mentors, Well Wishers and Supporters. All the little we do is ONLY becuase of the wonderful support you all extends us. The part time NGO we are, the [...]

Educational Festival – GHS Vaiyavoor – Dream India Drawing by Kid

The first prize winning entry - topic Dream India கனவு இந்தியா. Dream India definitely makes kids dream and become creative....! #dreamindia #educationalevent #drkalam #drapj     https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1490198967667177&set=a.398553276831757.88961.100000312654311&type=3

Educational Festival – Government High School Vaiyavoor Elocution, Quiz and more

Dream India educational event. About 350 plus children participated in the day long event and showcase their talent in elocution, essay, drawing, thirukural recitation, quiz and cultural events. Elocution Competition: https://www.facebook.com/natarajan.raman/videos/1490093767677697/   Thirukural Quiz: https://www.facebook.com/natarajan.raman/videos/1490166354337105/   Cultural Events: https://www.facebook.com/natarajan.raman/videos/1490253790995028/   Prize Distribution: https://www.facebook.com/natarajan.raman/videos/1490289247658149/ https://www.facebook.com/natarajan.raman/videos/1490292767657797/

Dr.Kalam Anniversary – Tribute by Vasantham Children

Second anniversary for the great man who inspired millions and lived his entire life for the nation. Personally for me, all that I have today is because of Dream India and in turn this great man...!! Special kids of Vasantham Special School paying floral tribute to the great man...! #drkalam #dreamindia #apjabdulkalam https://www.facebook.com/natarajan.raman/posts/1494943793859361

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Adyar Corporation School Weekly Classes – July 27th 2017

At Dream India Patterns Action2020 weekly classes at Adyar corporation school today, we had our friends Harish Srinivasan and Aravind Abi from Infinite Engineers team start the dexter box experiments. Javeed Shaik from Patterns joined them to assist in conducting the classes. We started off with a note on Dr. Kalam and a recap of all the classes so far. Kids asked about the NRI volunteers [...]

Educational Festival – Sample for the Impact of the work done by Team

Proud to introduce our student Priyanka from Vaiyavoor government high school. In the educational event conducted in 2016, she felt very shy to speak and ran down from stage and even slipped a bit. Our team and teachers spoke to her and told her how significant it was that she came on stage. Turn the [...]

Bangalore Weekend Classes – July month end update

Dream India Bangalore weekend classes update. Classes are on full swing and children enjoy learning.... Our dear trustee Soma Joshi updates... Classes were great and could see a whopping more than 25 kids today... Unfortunately since I was the only one to teach I could do justice to all of them 😕 We learnt vowels, English grammar and mathematics... [...]

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Adyar Coporation School Weekly Classes – August 3rd 2017

Dream India Patterns Action2020 weekly classes at Adyar corporation school today was conducted by Aswaq Asu Arul Prasath Anbalagan and Aruna Sekar We had 52 kids attend the class. Children were given worksheets on actions words and English grammar. The exercise on action words were based on the 1001 simple action words book. The session was very interactive and the [...]

Educational Festival – GHS Mazaiyur Special Essay by Kid

Essay topic was "My ambition, My journey", this kid Sumithra from seventh standard of government high school mazaiyur wrote the exact challenges she face and what and how she wants to overcome the same by her hard work. Father is a watchman and mother a house maid. Brother and her younger sister dropped out of [...]