Dream India’s Annual Educational Festival

DATE: 24-Nov-2019

VENUE: S.V. Homes, Poonamallee.

THE Dream India’s yearly educational event have only gotten better. Majority of the students demonstrated their class and accumulated to these competitive conditions with terrific discipline and reaped the rewards for the same.

The day began with a bhakti song on Lord Ganesh and lighting of a mini ‘kuthu vilakku’. After exchanging the early warm wishes with those who have gathered, the event day commenced in the form of an ‘Elocution Competition’. It’s a contrast to the event’s order DI had in the past. Three of the volunteers from DI chaired this event. Students took turns to speak and made the best use of the center stage. There never was a dull moment till the end of speaker number 63. All three  judges were forced to sit back by the kids and allowed their talent to talk.

‘Tirukkural Quiz’ is the event that next followed only to stage a whole-hearted performance by the team of students. No matter how tough or tricky a question on the Tirukkural couplets or Kurals can be, there is always a hunger seen in the young students to crack it right away. The application and focus exhibited throughout the event was incredible. Kids interacted with each other and found able allies within their team to eliminate the other teams from the equation. This strategy was applied till the very end of this event by most of the teams which only forced the judges to announce joint winners for first, second & third places. Again this is a contrasting style to that of what DI does usually.

Lunch break was taken at around 1.00 PM and everybody enjoyed the delicious meal to prepare themselves for their super-second innings for the day. Students enrolled for ‘Essay Competition’ was then regrouped and supplied white sheets to pen their thoughts. Volunteers grabbed the pre-written scripts from few students who mistook the phrase ‘come prepared for the essay competition’ and ensured a fresh entry has been made by them. Also, the essay evaluation turned out to be even simpler as the contents remained the same across the topics from various students. This is one area where DI team need to focus and come up with a different approach in hosting this essay writing event.

‘Drawing competition’ was the event that followed essay writing contest. Drawing entries from the students was made keeping in mind that their entry should find a way in the final winners list. Such was the keen interest kids displayed towards their drawings.

‘General Quiz Competition’, the most decorative event among all the events, lived up to its expectation as always. This event again involved a team coordination which was very much evident where kids stepped up in fine fashion to pip the other school teams almost in every single round of this event. This battle of brains event has once again resulted in declaration of joint winners.

At the end of the day, one can very easily conclude that, the students are now fearless and they believe in themselves vying against any school student(s), anytime. Dream India is now in the right kind of space to capitalize on opportunities for the talented students. That’s the standout feature about DI.


What a triumph for these children, a thumping one in the end. A tremendous effort from them, which nobody could deny. Take a bow! Who would say that these children are yet to compete with all others, certainly not me judging by the way they participated in the events. A very well-deserved success for them indeed. During the crunch moments in the events, it was these children who came out on top.

With all due respects to all the children from various schools, who pushed themselves to their limit to be the elite winner of the contests, super-talents such as Suresh, Hari Babu, Pravin Raj and others stepped up to announce their arrival. The fact is, they did their basics right. This is a school full of champions.

The back office workers got their extra share of work by allocating joint prizes for the students for various events. During the prize distribution, kids were roaring in delight and letting out a fist pump to celebrate their respective school friends receiving prizes. The decibel of the claps pretty much sums up about the day they had. The more the exposure students get in the DI events like these, the better they will get in their life.

The day ended with singing National Anthem and taking the 10-point oath given by our great guru Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Photos taken during the full day events will soon be aired in the google drive.