Venue: Alapakkam GHSS
Date: 02.Mar.2019 (Saturday)

Every year, Dream India team conducts counselling sessions for 10th standard kids before they appear for their final exam as a
motivating session. This DI’s session on counselling for the students, plays a key role in how motivated a student becomes. They need
to be in a positive environment in which they feel valued and respected. It enhances their performance in all aspects of their life and
become motivated individuals in life.

The entire DI team was greeted with rapturous applause when we entered the main hall where all the arrangements for the session
were made. The warm welcome and some wonderful arrangements meant how much the school was looking forward for this year’s
DI session.

AHM Kanmani madam gave us all a formal introductory speech and offered tips related to examination from her perspective. Couple
of other school teachers too conveyed their pieces of advices before passing the microphone to our team.

We started off the session by playing Natarajan Anna’s wish message to the students with the help of a mobile phone. Anna gave
valuable tips on how to take care of health, ideas for exam preparation and most importantly highlighted ‘A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’ sir’s
motivating quote for students (which I also requested students to repeat when I spoke to students). Anna also announced the
rewards which DI will be giving to the top three overall scorers in the exam as well as the centum holders and their respective

We invited Divya Priya, a former student of Alapakkam GHSS & DI, to attend this session and provide some valuable tips which she
followed during her own school days. Divya then articulated coherently & fluently some nice thoughts of her own, which I am sure
would have reached every kid who sat cross-legged with eyes and ears glued to Divya.

Next, I then quoted the instances from my own life, starting from my school days to till date and how I overcame those arduous
journey of my life. I am sure, students might have assimilated my experiences. I finished my talk by sharing a quick bio of ‘Glenn
Cunningham’, the greatest American miler, who faced adversity with courage and determination to become a world-famous athlete.
I was very much observing that all the students paid me a rapt attention during my entire course of speech. They were completely
fascinated by what they were hearing of a great man. I also believe that, this bio might have given goosebumps to many.

DI team along with teachers started distributing the educational kit followed by tea & snacks. AHM Madam then requested few of
the students to come over and share their experiences about this counselling session. The kids thanked us wholeheartedly for all that
DI has done to them and to their school till date.

We then ended the session by singing our national anthem.

Photos taken during the counselling session are aired in the below album for your kind perusal.

– aravindh