Dream India team conducted educational festival at Vasantham special school www.vasantham.org on 27th Ocotober 2018.

The kids amazed everyone with their wonderful peformance. You can catch glimpse of all the wonderful day at the following links.

Elocution competition super work by Vasantham Special School children…! Dream India educational event today…!

Posted by Natarajan Raman on Saturday, October 27, 2018


A wonder kid…! Been a privilege listen him speak…! He owns the stage….! His performance last year at annual meet was mind blowing…! Calm and composed, Saravana Priyan talks about becoming the school principal….!All of us were stumped in joy when he ended the speech quoting Dr. Kalam and said one day I will come as chief guest of our school Vasantham Special School…!Dream India is blessed to have such kids..!

Posted by Natarajan Raman on Saturday, October 27, 2018


What a speech…! Topic is : my dream…! She speaks about becoming a teacher and how she would teach the children…! Fantastic…!She is the overall champion today….! First in Elocution, drawing, Thirukural, quiz and what not…! The day so called normal people like us ask for inclusive education with special kids ain't far…! Proud of you Vasantham Special School, thank you Dream India for giving us opportunity to work with such jewels…!

Posted by Natarajan Raman on Saturday, October 27, 2018