Had a wonderful evening with the residents of Kaakum karangal old age home. Awesome Dream India friends made sure evening was a memorable one for all…!

Dream India is blessed with wonderful people… Elavarasi Rajesh and Rajesh Shanmugasundaram along with Master Suraj took extra efforts to ensure delicious mangoes and bananas were carefully bought and delivered in person…. And our best Rajender Rajasekar, one who can make anything happen for the paatis and thaathas got Jackfruits… Yes, we managed to keep our promise and get the three key fruits (mukani) for them all…

And the delicious dinner from Krishnavillasam Adyar and extra care of Raji Krishnakumar made sure all thaatha’s and paatis had a memorable evening….!

Sanjeevi Prasath

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Posted by Natarajan Raman on Sunday, July 2, 2017