Dear Friends, am extremely glad and proud to share that Vasantham Special School Vasantham children have * won second prize * in the International Congress on Education and Public Welfare “Science Exhibition” conducted by Sathyabama University today at their campus. We had children from SBOA, Ashram, International schools from Bangalore, Public and Matric schools participate in the event.

Dream India is very proud today for we played a small role in having science exhibition to be conducted at Vasantham a few years back and since then it has become a regular event.

What it goes on to prove is that the limit is only on our minds and NOT with the talent of kids. They are God’s children and they will for sure reach greater heights.

Special thanks to Sathyabhama University for giving us a platform to really demonstrate inclusive Education. Special thanks to all the kind volunteers for they were so caring and helpful.

Thanks to my dear brother Sanjeevi Prasath for giving us this opportunity. Special thanks to all our well wishers and friends.

Together We Can!!! Together We Should!!! Jai Hind.