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  • We, a group of people, working across India, share a dream.A dream of a developed India. An India free of poverty and illiteracy. An India where the gap between the haves and the have-nots is justifiable. An India which realizes it's full potential in every domain. At present these are not happening.
  • There is a lot of work to be done if these are to be achieved within an acceptable time frame. And by saying "lot of work" we are actually underplaying the amount of work to be done. Many of us are still apathetic to the needs of the poor man on the roads. We still don't do our part to the society. We still splurge money on our own needs while these underprivileged still struggle to get a day's meal. This apathy and obliviousness to all social evils takes us nowhere. If we are to achieve this dream, we have to act. And act now!
  • This organization has been formed keeping Indian professionals in mind. We strongly believe that it is in the youth and in the professionals of India that her future lies in. Whether she prospers and becomes a world leader or fades away as just another country in the world, lies in the hands of India's huge youth population. We trust that education is the key in securing the future of today's children and mainly concentrate on education of the underprivileged in the country apart from our other activities of which you will read about in this website. We solicit all your support for this cause and sincerely hope our small efforts in creating change amongst the underprivileged of the nation will go a long way in changing the face of the nation. Together we can!!! Together we should!!! Jai Hind!!!
JOURNEY SO FAR since 2004
0 Administration Cost
10+ Partner Organizations
400 + Projects Executed
1000+ Number of volunteers
25,000+ Number of Beneficiary
6,000,000 INR Amount Spent
05 Jul 2016: Dream India Chennai Team Kaakum Karangal old age home visit July 2016
28 May 2016: Dream India team supported Udhavum Nanbargal home by providing uniforms for the children.
25 Apr 2016: Dream India Vayavoor center children had a day outing yesterday. The children visited Birla planetarium and children Park. Children enjoyed the day. Wonderfully organized trip by Sathish Kumar and team.
10 Dec 2015: Dear All, Dream India is working on TN flood relief. Details of the work can be found at
27 May 2015: Dream India team teacher deployment results
04 May 2015: Dream India Educational Support for Udhavum Nanbargal
22 Mar 2015: Dream India counselling session at Melarasampatu
19 May 2014: Dream India provides partial support of 12,500 INR towards building a differently able teacher and students friendly toilet at Govt.Primary.school Mayanur.
19 May 2014: Dream India team provided Educational Support of Rs 12000 to Ganesh, Second year B.Com Student from Madnapalli, AP. Ganesh is a rank holder and lost his father at a young age.
06 Mar 2014: Student DivyaPriya Score Update


  • This article would give you an idea of how we started DreamIndia and what our initial activities were. This will help people who want to start such activities in their own localities, but are at a loss as to how to carry them out.
  • The idea of conducting English classes for the slum children occurred in October 2004 and this was the starting point of what is now a mini movement called DreamIndia. Though initially we did not plan to create such a movement, as new ideas came through, the set-up just kept growing.
  • We spoke to a bunch of children playing in the playground opposite our house. Though apprehensive in the beginning, when we got down to their level and participated in a few games (marbles, cricket etc) with them, their fear subsided. We then enquired about their background, where they studied, where they lived, about the members of their family and other such relevant questions.
  • The standard of living of these children was below par and so was the quality of education that they received in the government schools. We decided to try and make a difference in their lives. We asked the children, who were studying in the local government school, if they would be interested in learning English during the weekends and we surprised to receive an enthusiastic response. About 15 children enrolled for the classes. But then?we had to find a place to teach these children. Since we were living in a bachelors' accommodation in a flat, we couldn't afford to disturb the people living nearby by holding the classes in our room. So we had to look for alternatives. Our first target was the premises in the school they were studying in, which was just a km away from our place. We approached the teachers one day and spoke to them about our plan seeking permission to conduct the classes in their premises on Saturdays and Sundays. This evoked a negative response from them. They were not at all interested in what we had to say and quoted various reasons, the major one being the need to ask the principal, who was 'away on an official trip' and who will be 'back only after 2 weeks'.
  • So after this plan fell flat we were on a constant lookout for a suitable place. There was a tuition center in the ground floor of our flat but the owner flatly refused to part with his room.
  • There was an old temple in the playground opposite our house, and outside it was a vacant piece of land. Luckily for us, the day we went to enquire about that, the owner, who was the secretary of the society we live in, was offering his prayers in the temple. After hearing our plans, he was quite receptive and asked us to give a written request asking for permission to conduct classes there during weekends and that he would discuss the same with the other members of the society and get back to us within a week with a positive result. We were elated. We thought that this deal was as good as over. But a week and a half passed and when there was still no response, a quick call confirmed that things weren't exactly as rosy as we thought they were. Finally the secretary told us that the people in the society didn't approve of the idea - for reasons best known to them.
  • We were determined not to let another week pass without finding a place for our purpose. We had already purchased books and pens and even a cloth blackboard, not to mention alphabet charts. Luckily a piece of government land caught our eyes and we found out that it had been left in the care of an elderly person. This person understood our cause and had no problems whatsoever in letting us conduct classes in that place. Thus we solved our biggest hurdle in our way - that of finding a land for conducting the classes. After that, what with the high enthusiasm levels of the students, the rest was easy for us.
    Weekly Newsletter
  • This article explains how we started with the concept of the weekly newsletter, the challenges we faced, and how we carried on. Initially the newsletter was just newspaper insert. We used to prepare a soft copy, take a printout at office, and take about 200 copies of the same in a nearby shop. This would be circulated in the Sunday's major English dailies. The whole week would be spent searching for material like articles, case studies etc. The editorial would be prepared on Friday or Saturday after considering all of what happened that week. Finally, on Saturdays, a group of us would sit in the office sorting out stuff to be included and filtering out those which weren't considered good enough. It wasn't as easy as we thought. Arguments regarding what have to be included and what were not used to be very heated. Those four hours that we spent every Saturday for about four weeks were absolute fun. We used to discuss a variety of topics right from slum evictions to President Kalam's vision.
  • Then at around 4 10 p.m, we would take a printout and pass it around to people to proof read. After about three of four rounds of the same we would finally be convinced that there are not anymore (visible) mistakes and then take one final copy. This would then go to the Xerox shop at about 5 p.m. We would almost take a written guarantee from the shop owner that the copies be ready by the night. At 9 pm he would come to our house to deliver the copies. We would then sit down to do the arduous task of sorting them out and stapling them. Five thirty am - The alarm would wake us up. In the first week, we requested the paper walah to insert a copy each in the newspapers. Every day the following week was sent in awaiting feedback to our e-mail box. But the wait proved very futile as not a single mail came. Barring 3 or 4 sms es from close friends, there was virtually no feedback. This was quite a blow to us. 200 copies in the TOI and Indian Express and not a single person could e-mail or even call up and hence we decided to handover the copies personally. So there we were, at 6 a.m, (the weather was quite chilly in early Jan), one each standing in front of the church, near the newspaper stall and in the long stretch where there were a lot of joggers on Sunday mornings. "Excuse me Sir. I'm sure you have a minute with you. We are a group of people working at SEEPZ. We have started this newsletter called DreamIndia2020. Our aim is to sensitize people around us to the poverty and illiteracy around us. We are doing some social work in this locality. And we believe that this dream of India2020 can be achieved only if all of us work together. Hence we have come out with this weekly. Please go through this and give us your feedback. We have phone numbers and an email id too. You can find them here."
  • Saying so we will point out to the place where they were. Mostly there will be a nod of the head. Some will say "I don't have time." Some, after a patient hearing would ask us to "repeat that in Hindi." Some encouragingly would say that they would get back that very day and that they owed it to the country. But I guess their memories were too short. None of them responded after that. Overall it was a very disappointing but worthwhile experience. Disappointing because we had wasted four whole weekends and about Rs 1500 over the 4 issues and there was not a single response. Worthwhile because we now know what would work?rather what WILL NOT work. After much cajoling the person among us who suggested this activity in the first place, reluctantly agreed to stop the weekly. In the meantime, one of us, Arif, decided to take this weekly on to the Internet where it would have a wider reach. He found www.freehomepage.com and hosted what was our identity for a very long timehttp://dreamindia2020.co.nr or http://dreamindia2020.freehomepage.com. One amazing thing having such a portal was that we could also post photographs on it unlike in the hard copy. Images always speak louder than words. Starting off modestly, we ramped up our efforts on the web as soon as we stopped the hard copies. Features like People Amongst Us, which featured people around us in the society who were struggling in their lives, were an instant hit. We started this so that all of us could relate to these people and have a feel of the kind of life they were leading.
  • Thus began our long journey called DreamIndia. The newsletter is still going strong. The number of volunteers has increased from three to more than a hundred. You are into our new website. We have a lot more experiences to share, of which you can hear if you want to, by contacting us. Together we are trying to build a new India, a confident nation whose youth is empowered with education and which will, find its rightful lofty place in this world.
  • Jai Hind!!!

Vision & Mission

  • To see an India free of poverty and illiteracy where the poor are empowered, an India where the bridge between the poor and the rich is within acceptable limits. An India in which today's underprivileged youth succeed tomorrow, create a niche space for themselves, and are able to contribute to the growth of the country. Lastly we also dream of an India in which every other educated soul understands the importance of giving back what he has taken from the society. And that this makes India go from strength to strength.

    To mobilise the undeniable and boundless energy, spirit and strength of India's youth and carry out activities aimed at the betterment of life of the underprivileged and also the education of the under privileged kids. We hope to achieve this by forming groups from people living in same localities and helping them carry out the above mentioned activities in their respective localities. We believe that such work happening in different pockets of the nation would add up and help a lot of people.

Upcoming Events

Program Starts Ends Location Schedule More
Adyar Corporation School 14 Jul 2016 09 Mar 2017 Adyar Chennai 3:15 PM to 4:30 PM Info
Alapakam School 18 Jul 2015 25 Mar 2017 Alapakam School 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM Info
Monthly Visit to Kaakum Karangal Old Age Home 03 Jul 2016 03 May 2020 Chennai 7:10 PM to 8:30 PM Info
Class for Vayyavur Kanceepuram Govt School Children 01 Jul 2016 25 Mar 2017 Vayyavur Kancheepuram 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Info

Our Projects

Project Name Project Description Cities
Reach and Teach Dream India volunteers personally conduct classes for children from Coporation Schools and rural areas. Subjects range from Spoken English, Personality Development, Science, Maths and various other topics
Chennai: Adyar Corporation School, Alapakkam High School and Ramapuram High School

Bangalore: DI Study Center - Teaching children from nearby community

Mumbai: DI Study Center - Teaching children from nearby community
Education For All Dream India aims to provide support for all the deserving economically challenged children. With the support of our well wishers and partners Dream India aims to eliminate lack of proper educational facility for children. Across India
Youth Development Dream India conducts educational festival programs that includes Elocution, Quiz, Essay, Drawing, Thirukural recitation and other programs that enabled confidence in Youth. We conduct these programs in rural areas along with our partner organizations. Across India
Service to Elders Dream India supports old age home in Chennai and Pune. Support is provided in the form of providing food and infrastructure. Our volunteers also spend time with elderly residents and share a wonderful rapport with all of them. Chennai and Pune
Support to Homes Dream India supports various children home, special schools, destitute home and various orphanages across country. We conduct classes for children, support educational needs, provide support for infra structure like libraries etc for the children. Across India
Support the System Dream India supports government schools in rural areas by deploying teachers, setting up computer labs, libraries etc. All this projects are executed under "Support the System". Across India

Request Documents

Request Type Request Description Request Form Projects Category
Education for Individual Dream India's primary focus is to ensure Education For All. Supporting economically challenged Students and ensuring they get proper guidance is one our primary goals.Students requiring scholarship assistance should fill in "Education Request" Form. Educational Request Education For All
Support the System Dream India Volunteers, members and any other member of general public who would like to deploy teachers, conduct Spoken English/Personality development classes, Set up Computer lab, Science lab for government primary, high, higher secondary and corporation schools should fill in "School Visit Request" Form. This request would be considered under "Support the System" project School Visit Request Support the System
Support to Homes & Service to Elderly Orphanages, Home for elderly and other Charitable Institutes who are working on welfare of children seeking support should fill in "Orphanage/Home Support" Form Orphanage/Home Request Service to Elderly/Support to Homes
General Requests General request that does not fall under any of the categories listed above Students requiring scholarship assistance should fill in "Misc Request" Form Misc Request Misc Request


  • We have maintained our balance sheets so well, that we secured our 80G tax exemption certificate from the I.T department. All donations made to us are eligible for 50% tax exemption. We will give you a receipt for your donations that you can use when filing your taxes. We are proud to declare that Dream India is one of the very few NGO's in the world with ZERO admin cost. DI Trustees absorb admin cost, thereby ensuring every single paise donated reaches the needy
  • Dream India Account PAN number: AABTD1831F
  • If you want to donate to one of the various causes that we work for, please follow these instructions:
  • Bank Account Transfer (ONLY if your bank account is located in India)
Donation Mode Bank Name Bank Branch Name Act Number Act Type IFSC Code
Bank Transfer ICICI Santhome DREAM INDIA EDU AND CHARITABLE TRUST 021201001752 Savings ICIC0000212
Check in Favor of Details to be sent
DREAMINDIA EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST please email admin@dreamindia2020.org your details:Name, Amount Contributed and House Address. PAN Number is must for all contributions above Rs 5000.
  • To talk to a DI volunteer for more details, please lookup our CONTACT US page


  • Dream India[DI] publishes Annual Report every year. This report contains Audited balance sheets, Projects completed, DI trustee list and projects planned for the forthcoming year.


Partner Name & Code About Partner website
India Sudar - P01 India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust is a registered non-governmental, secular and non-profit social welfare organization working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India www.indiasudar.org
Action2020 - P02 Action2020 is a part of IndiaVision2020 team. More than 30+ like minded groups have come together to turn India Vision 2020 a reality. http://www.action2020.in/
IndiaVision2020 - P03 This website is meant for creating an awareness about India's Vision 2020.This website creates an environment to showcase and encourage activities done by various group for building a strong India by 2020, this website follows the vision of Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. http://www.indiavision2020.org/
Payir - P04 Payir envisages the transformation of Indian villages into a socially stimulating, self reliant, growth oriented community rooted in the principles of Truth - a society where people practice and interact with the highest moral values. www.payir.org
Vasantham - P05 VASANTHAM, meaning, “Spring” was established on the 2nd of October 1989 with six children at Mogappair (East) on the outskirts of Chennai.With continuous support from individual donors, corporates and institutions, VASANTHAM has now grown to the extent of taking care of 143 children and adults under its shelter. About 60 of them are residential. www.vasantham.org
Build Future India - P06 Build Future India is a registered Educational and Charitable Trust, a NGO, having like minded volunteer team working for developing Indian rural education systems, reaching out to underprivileged people. We strongly believe that, by extending our physical, intellectual and financial support, we could able to add some value to the above noble cause. http://www.buildfutureindia.org/
Punnagai - P07 Group of Youngsters came together to start Punnagai. If we had continued our work in our individual capacity,the beneficiaries would have been a small section of the society. Hence, we decided to form a secular organization which would grow day by day by inducting like-minded individuals and we can together reach out and touch the lives of many. http://www.punnagai.org/
Future India Trust - P08 Future India Trust(Reg No : 1098/2010) was formed with a mission to address today’s need in education especially to those who cannot afford it. Economic status should not impede dream .. http://www.futureindiatrust.org/
Swasam Charitable Trust - P09 Swasam Trust formed by group of working professionals to serve the needy http://bit.ly/1TOfS5A

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Deepak P - Pune Volunteer

I don't know what I have done to Dream India, but DI has made a significant impact in my life. DI has given me and my life meaning.

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