About Us

We, a group of people, working across India, share a dream. A dream of a developed India.  An India free of poverty and illiteracy. An India where the gap between the haves and the have-nots is justifiable. An India which realizes it’s full potential in every domain. At present these are not happening.

There is a lot of work to be done if these are to be achieved within an acceptable time frame. And by saying “lot of work” we are actually underplaying the amount of work to be done. Many of us are still apathetic to the needs of the poor man on the roads. We still don’t do our part to the society. We still splurge money on our own needs while these underprivileged still struggle to get a day’s meal. This apathy and obliviousness to all social evils takes us nowhere. If we are to achieve this dream, we have to act. And act now!

This organization has been formed keeping Indian professionals in mind. We strongly believe that it is in the youth and in the professionals of India that her future lies in. Whether she prospers and becomes a world leader or fades away as just another country in the world, lies in the hands of India’s huge youth population. We trust that education is the key in securing the future of today’s children and mainly concentrate on education of the underprivileged in the country apart from our other activities of which you will read about in this website. We solicit all your support for this cause and sincerely hope our small efforts in creating change amongst the underprivileged of the nation will go a long way in changing the face of the nation. Together we can!!! Together we should!!! Jai Hind!!!


To see an India free of poverty and illiteracy where the poor are empowered, an India where the bridge between the poor and the rich is within acceptable limits. An India in which today’s underprivileged youth succeed tomorrow, create a niche space for themselves, and are able to contribute to the growth of the country. Lastly we also dream of an India in which every other educated soul understands the importance of giving back what he has taken from the society. And that this makes India go from strength to strength.


To mobilise the undeniable and boundless energy, spirit and strength of India’s youth and carry out activities aimed at the betterment of life of the underprivileged and also the education of the under privileged kids. We hope to achieve this by forming groups from people living in same localities and helping them carry out the above mentioned activities in their respective localities. We believe that such work happening in different pockets of the nation would add up and help a lot of people.

Our Projects

Reach and Teach

Dream India volunteers personally conduct classes for children from Corporation Schools and rural areas.

Reach and Teach

Dream India volunteers personally conduct classes for children from Corporation Schools and rural areas. Subjects range from Spoken English, Personality Development, Science, Maths and various other topics.

Education For All

Let us ensure education for all

Education For All - Across India

Dream India aims to provide support for all the deserving economically challenged children. With the support of our well wishers and partners Dream India aims to eliminate lack of proper educational facility for children.

Youth Development

Youth Development - Conduct events to enable talent of Youth

Youth Development - Across India

Dream India conducts educational festival programs that includes Elocution, Quiz, Essay, Drawing, Thirukural recitation and other programs that enabled confidence in Youth. We conduct these programs in rural areas along with our partner organizations.

Service to Elders

Service to Elders - Respect and Serve the Elders

Service to Elders - Across India

Dream India supports old age home in Chennai and Pune. Support is provided in the form of providing food and infrastructure. Our volunteers also spend time with elderly residents and share a wonderful rapport with all of them.

Support to Homes

Support to Homes - Support various homes and orphanages

Support to Homes - Across India

Dream India supports various children home, special schools, destitute home and various orphanages across country. We conduct classes for children, support educational needs, provide support for infra structure like libraries etc for the children.

Support the System

Support the System - Do our bit to support the system and strengthen it, working with government schools etc

Support the System - Across India

Dream India supports government schools in rural areas by deploying teachers, setting up computer labs, libraries etc. We are constantly looking out for schools in rurual areas that needs support. All this projects are executed under “Support the System”.

The Journey So Far…

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We firmly believe TWO HOURS per week from a common man can make a BIG difference

We just need to spend time identifying the fellow brothers and sisters who need our support. It could be our house maid, driver, flower seller, street vendor, the rickshaw brother or those small kids in nearby government school

Power of Dream

Dream, dream, dream! Convert these dreams into thought, and then transform them into action

Dare to be Different

My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed.

Follow Your Heart

Those who cannot work with their hearts achieve but a hollow, half-hearted success that breeds bitterness all around